It now seems that the ISO 45001 which is due for publication as the Final Draft International Standard at the end of November will have the following key features:

  1. Adoption of Annex SL, and thereby sharing a high-level identical core text similar to the ISO 9001 standard. This will greatly facilitate organisations integrating their different management systems.
  2. Top management commitment, risk-based thinking and the process approach are emphasised throughout and therefore consistent, not only with ISO 9001 but also ISO 14001.
  3. Consultation and worker participation in identifying hazards and risks and the development and operation of the occupational health and safety management system, and
  4. An organisation must take into account mental and cognitive conditions of people as well as their physical condition. Causes of ill-health and injury can be immediate such as accidents or long-term such as repeated exposure to harmful substances or a stressful working environment.